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Twitter download video

What is this software product

Our collection another novelty has been added - this time our users have the opportunity to freely download videos from the social network Twitter.

The aforementioned site is currently one of the most popular in the world - it is updated daily with hundreds of thousands of tweets, among which there are short videos: it is for their preservation (of course, exclusively for informational purposes - do not forget about copyrights) that we launched this free service.


If the video file does not load for some reason (sometimes there may be failures on the server), a simple solution is to download it to your computer by running our script.

Since 2022, the social network has been blocked in countries such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea - users get the opportunity to watch what censorship prohibits them.

How it works in practice

Twitter URLs are well known to everyone - they consist of a domain followed by the author's nickname, then the word "status" and at the end the message ID. This structure is typical for any posts, be it text, photo or video. To open the corresponding tab in a new window, you need to find a line indicating the creation time (for example, "56 minutes" or "April 17") and click on it. Next, you need to click on the extension icon, and if the page contains a video sequence, you will be provided with download links.

Please note that work on the Tor network (Enterprise Onion Toolkit format) is now also supported - the implementation of the corresponding function was added in the latest version in all browsers (we are talking about addresses with the extension *.onion).

File formats

This version allows you to get video with audio in MP4 format, as well as MP3 audio sequence and MPEG-4 "deaf" video. These are the capabilities of Mirror No. 1 - if for some reason it turns out to be unavailable, use mirror No. 2 (be sure to wait until the page is fully loaded).

Users from countries where the lock is in effect need to use the "Get a link" button in a special form. This parameter will be 100% functional if at least one result marked "Mirror 1" or "Mirror 2" is displayed correctly above.

Advantages of the downloader video twitter

  1. The minimum response time - the requests pass quickly and do not force the user to wait long. In some cases, delays may be observed-we recommend that you repeat the operation after 10-15 seconds
  2. stably and reliable - our team tries to maintain the level of performance on the maximum bar, but do not criticize us for not always managing to achieve this goal
  3. do not need to pay-we fundamentally do not ask you to make donations and do not pay with money for work: nevertheless, your gratitude can be expressed in the form of links to All- in social networks and a story about us to all interested parties < /li>
  4. Three in one - we have a site, and also exists and uploaded to catalogs expansion for all popular browsers. In addition, you can use the Android application if you want to download video from Twitter to your gadget

Circular censorship

We try to help everyone with access to good content, and the inhabitants of countries with strict state censorship are no exception. They can use an additional form for downloading from local mirrors if the URL Twitter is completely blocked. Nevertheless, such citizens should familiarize themselves with the possible responsibility for the spread of unwanted content, if one is present in their national legislation.