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The presented service is designed to ensure the download of files from the site, formerly called Pocketnet.

This social network positions itself as a decentralized service of an innovative format, the main advantage of which is non-censorship, completely open code and the absence of a pre-moderation system. Moreover, each participant of the system will be able to earn on content creation by distributing earnings from the Poketcoin network token.

Why do I need this script

Many users complain about interruptions with access to the portal you have specified - among the most common errors mentioned is a problem with video buffering. Our product offers an alternative in the form of downloading a video file of the desired video or movie for further local viewing (but not distribution), as well as editing after obtaining the appropriate permission from the authors.

How to start downloading

Copy to the clipboard the address of the Bastyon page, which contains the word "video" or the character set "v?=", and paste it into the form, then press the button. In this case, the script will work correctly and the search for available links will begin - this process can take up to 30-40 seconds, so you should not close the window before it ends. If the URL does not match the above template, you will receive error messages. An example of a valid link might look like this: : this means that the file has a resolution of 144px in height and is placed on one of the mirrors .

At the moment, a small percentage of links may still not be recognized - we are making every effort to ensure that its operability approaches 100%.

Content Types

Warning: even despite the declared decentralization and anonymity of the platform, we do not recommend using the content posted on it for commercial purposes without prior agreement with the authors - let's respect someone else's work for the sake of our common good! So, at the output you will get:

  • JPG photo - video background used by the creator for illustration, can be useful as a screenshot
  • The MP4 video script is able to scan pages for available permissions. They can be either standard (240, 480, 720, etc.), or have other values

Dignits of Bastyon download video and photo

  1. speed and coherence - copy the address on the desired resource, insert it into the form on this page and after a few tens of seconds you get the results of the request. However, it is worth noting that downloading with can be somewhat more complicated, since this video hosting is constantly developing and can make changes to the algorithms
  2. Unmistakable-of course, so far an absolute indicator in this indicator has not been achieved due to the rather high technical complexity of Parsing as a process. Therefore, we urge you not to criticize us too much because of possible interruptions-it is better to promptly inform us of them in technical support.
  3. Free access - here they do not take money from users and do not ask in return to perform any excessive actions: registration and activation of accounts is also not required. As a good gesture, we only want to express one wish - often tell your friends, subscribers or fans about us about us
  4. Expansion and application - they go to the appendage to the site, which we have developed at least last. For those who are used to working with gadgets, we advise you to go to the Google Play Market or use this page in its mobile version

For what and why apply

Bastyon social network, as far as we know, adheres to the principle of free distribution of information - nevertheless, even here there may be exceptions to the rules, so we recommend that you still leave links to the original sources. You can also use video files to create a slide show, small videos, make presentations and much more.

We hope that after reading this brief instruction, working with the service will be even more convenient and productive - thank you for your attention!