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Purpose of the product

We are glad to inform you that we have released a new version of the service for downloading videos from the popular Odnoklassniki social network.

Anyone who lives in Russia or the CIS and uses the Internet knows this short address - on its pages, you can correspond with friends, give gifts, rate photos, and watch videos on various topics. Our script is designed to help make this process more comfortable.


As you know, it is not always convenient to watch videos online - they may hang, glitch or not load due to a slow connection. The easiest way out of this situation is to simply download the file to your device, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone, and save it for viewing at a convenient time in offline mode.

How to download

If someone else didn't know where the videos were, the corresponding section is located at . Here you can scroll through the top selection of popular for the week or find interesting content through the thematic catalog. There is also a live broadcast mode, but, as you understand, other tools are designed to save the stream and record in live mode.

In our case, the algorithm is extremely simple - we copy the page address from any browser, paste it into the form, click on the button and wait a few seconds until the command is processed and the resulting links are available for download. Next, you need to choose a resolution - by default, up to six modes are available: minimal (mobile) will load quickly, but have low image and sound quality with targeted optimization for playback in mobile phones. The maximum, in turn, is designated as full - it will take up more disk space, but it allows you to enjoy clear and rich frames in HD format.

What is offered to download

Warning: despite the fact that information is freely distributed in modern society, it is worth remembering that claims may arise against you due to unauthorized use of content - therefore, use other people's materials only for informational and non-commercial purposes!

At the moment, support for obtaining direct links to videos in MP4 format is implemented - a significant advantage here is speed and a user-friendly interface. To download music, look for individual plugins or services.

The advantages of the service download video from classmates (

  1. no more than 10-15 seconds-this is how much usually lasts the period of waiting for the results of the request. The main thing is to copy and insert the correct address, and then you almost certainly get the correct links for download. If something went wrong, see the next point
  2. at least errors - before starting into public access, we spent a lot of time to test the functionality, and nevertheless, over time, algorithms may change. Therefore, we will be grateful to everyone who will promptly inform us of the arising interruptions and other shortcomings.
  3. This is free - indeed, we do not ask anyone to pay or prevail us, as well as register an account here and leave our personal data. In exchange for such luxury, admins will be grateful to everyone who will leave a link to us on information resources, social networks, will advertise us in one way or another
  4. Extension for browsers + application - we also have such services that duplicate the functionality of All- How to use - choose: the site works equally well on PC and gadgets, the Android program will help save files on mobile devices

Why should I use it

Now the century of mass spread of content and re -poosting, as well as the creation of your own resources. You can use excerpts from downloaded videos, if this is not prohibited by their authors or owners - be sure to specify this nuance. Suitable for bloggers, journalists, content makers, webmasters, etc.