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TikTok download video, audio and cover art

How it works

We present an updated and improved functionality (version 2.0) for downloading your favorite videos, as well as audio and photos from the Tiktok website

The most popular Chinese social network already has hundreds of millions of users and billions of views daily. We suggest making the process of interacting with her more comfortable - just download the video you like to your device and watch it without an Internet connection!


First of all, the script is suitable for residents of remote regions where the network speed is limited - for those who find it difficult to watch even short videos online without interruptions, it will be a great help and will help to be in the same rhythm with the whole world. In addition, it is an indispensable tool for bloggers and clipmakers - if you need to use a fragment of someone else's video material (do not forget to respect copyright and put links to the authors!), it will also be necessary to upload it to yourself before editing.

How to start downloading

First of all, you need to go to the clip page - on a desktop device, the URL address is quite long, something like ?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1. After clicking on the extension icon in the upper right corner, parsing will start - in other words, the script will start searching for available links. In the final output result, there should be three or five of them - you will be given the option to download files or open them for viewing in a new tab.

In case of performance problems, please inform the site administration - we will try to satisfy your every request 100%!

What is offered to download

Warning: despite the fact that information is freely distributed in modern society, it is worth remembering that claims may arise against you due to unauthorized use of content - therefore, use and study other people's materials only for informational purposes!

  • JPG photo - preview-picture from the video
  • MP4 video - the video itself, as a rule, will be available in the original resolution
  • Audio MP3 track (in fact, a small excerpt or monologue in a few seconds)

The advantages of the Tiktok service download video

  1. Sending the form without rebooting the page - insert the URL Tiktok, press the large blue button and after a few seconds the result of processing the request before your eyes. If something has not worked, try to repeat the attempt later or write to technical support
  2. at least errors-we try to maintain the bar of work at altitude, but 100% quality due to rather complex technical features is still unattainable
  3. freedom of access-we do not take any money and other fees for using this online resource. At the same time, our team would like that as a grateful answer you would disseminate links to us on social networks and messengers
  4. Multi platform - in addition to the site, we also have an extension for all famous browsers, as well as the application of our own development in the Google Play catalog. Information with links to them will certainly appear in the near future

Where to use

You can download the videos on your PC or Gadget for autonomous viewing - also use content to create clips, while we recommend adding watermarks or a description in the form of an active hyperlink indicating the primary source in order to ensure compliance with copyright.

We wish you all excellent and fruitful work!