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Briefly about the functionality

Another novelty of this summer in the list of our parsers - this time we decided to please our users with a service for downloading files in one of the most popular and largest social networks in the world, Facebook.

This video hosting is among the top 5 visited sites around the world, and its audience already numbers 2.5 billion people per month. One of the advantages of the resource is its versatility - it allows you to post both text materials and photos with videos: it is the latter type of data that you get the opportunity to download to your device. The only caveat is that you should not forget that each file has its own author and creator, so you should use the information received exclusively for informational purposes.


Everyone can highlight their arguments why it will be more convenient for them to watch videos not in a player on the site, but after saving them to a hard disk or internal memory. One of the possible reasons may be, for example, the instability of the Internet connection, which does not allow downloading the video stream online.

In addition, there are countries in our world where Facebook is recognized as a hostile and even undesirable organization - they have official censorship, implying the blocking of all its domains. The way out of this situation is to download files from local mirrors - our programmers are looking for an opportunity to implement this function designed to help users from the Russian Federation, North Korea, Iran and China.

How it works in practice

URLs of social network pages can be of several types: for example, /?v={postid} or /{videoid}/. The second mirror is used specifically for video, and it is convenient to copy and use this address for reposting, since it is short and capacious. So, to get the desired results, you need to copy the address of the page to the clipboard and click on the blue button - parsing will start, which usually takes up to 20-30 seconds. Messages about the success of the stages of this process will be displayed in a short line - if there are no errors, download links will appear on the screen.

Please note that our service cannot yet boast of 100% performance, so sometimes you will be asked to repeat the request after a while - usually several attempts are enough for the final result to be successful.

File formats

You get the opportunity to download videos with 320 and 720p audio in MPEG-4 - alternative resolutions are still available in the silent version. We are making every effort to ensure that in the near future it will be possible to download FullHD and other higher-quality formats

In addition, as a nice bonus, the functionality for obtaining preview photos (used as a cover) in JPEG format is implemented.

Why are we, not competitors

  1. High speed - our scripts carry out rapid interaction with Facebook servers. At the same time, it should be noted that in some cases you should be patient and wait a bit to the results
  2. performance - the desire of our company to achieve an absolute indicator should be respected, but so far no existing technology allows you to achieve such values ​​
  3. We do not require payment - use Facebook downloader as much as you want, but try not to overload the service with garbage and low -value requests
  4. Mobile version - you can use the site on any of the operating systems both on a PC and on gadgets: in addition to us, we also have the same extension for browsers and an application for Android

Scope of application

If you are a blogger or journalist, sometimes it may be necessary to borrow part of the Facebook video for reporting or release of VLL as a quote or excerpt - for this downloaded content should be processed in video editors.