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Instagram Photo and Video Downloader

Principles of operation

This service helps you download media files from the Instagram social network. We'll tell you how it works.

The world-famous social network designed for uploading and storing personal photos and videos. Our script allows you to recognize the page content depending on the content and give direct links to files.

If you try to insert the main page into the form or to the page of a specific publisher (for example,, or another technical page (for example,, you will receive an error message. Also, don't try to analyze stories, as these are just records containing links to posts. In addition, of course, it is not necessary to add the URLs of third-party sites - of course, this will not give any result.

Thus, the correct link in our case will look like this /{pubtype}/{url_id}, where the last two parameters represent the publication type and the URL identifier (most often it contains 11 characters). As for pubtype, at the moment we know two of its types - the most common "p" (obviously an abbreviation of the word "post") and the later "reels". If you see exactly such a web address in your address bar, you can safely copy it and paste it into the form above - in this case, its work should be completed successfully!

Types of content available for download

Attention: all rights to the files belong to their authors, which means that all the content you receive is available exclusively for informational purposes.

  • Photo - in this case you will get several links to *.jpg in different image resolutions (sorted from smaller to larger)
  • Photo Galleries - to increase the speed, the output is limited to 10 photos (may be changed in future versions). Each of the files is also available in 640px, 720px, 1080px, etc.
  • Video - supports *.mp4 format without watermarks. It is prohibited to distribute without the permission of the authors, unless otherwise specified separately.

Two modes are available for photos - a separate browser view (opens in a new tab) and a direct download link (a download window appears).

General advantages of the service

  1. The speed of work - on average, the processing time of the usual request to Instagram does not exceed several tens of seconds. If problems arise, you should try to repeat the operation a little later
  2. stability - as you might guess, guarantee 100% of the resource performance is very difficult, but we make efforts in order to achieve the highest possible
  3. unlimited access - we do not take any fee for our services: in return, we just hope that you will leave good reviews about our website and distribute links to it online
  4. multi -platformity - our admins are constantly updating the site management system, which maintains high page loading speed and the ability to adapt the design elements for both the desktop and mobile version

Advantages for countries in which censorship is valid

In some countries, the Instagram social network can be blocked or limited by functionality - in this case you can use a special form that will allow you to download photos or videos from an additional server. The portal administration is in support of the principles of democracy and publicity, however, it should also be remembered that each user must be aware of the basic norms of national legislation in this area. We are not responsible for the possible consequences of obtaining information in certain hands, which can be recognized by the governments of states unwanted.

We wish you all good work and pleasant impressions from using All-!